JAR-association conference

May 2023

May 26, 2023

Participated in the inaugural JAR-association congress ‘Innovation in Judicial Systems: Human, Cyber and Beyond’ in Rome.

I presented a paper titled “Explaining cross-country differences in the number of judges per capita”. Here is the abstract:

It is rather common to focus on the number professional judges per capita when assessing the need for judges in various countries. The EU Rule of Law Report is just one example of this tendency. This simple indicator does however not take into account that the demand for justice in different countries may vary quite a lot because of socio-economic factors. This paper seeks to identify such factors, and applies them to come up with an alternative indicator for judicial need. The alternative indicator does not depend upon the number of cases reported (to CEPEJ) by any particular country. Furthermore, the indicator does not (naively) assume that population size is the only variable that matters when assessing the number of judges. The approach recognizes that social, demographic, political and economic variables have a substantial impact on judicial workload, and thus the need for judges. Even with this “improved” comparative measure of judicial needs, however, any serious assessment of judicial needs will have to go much deeper into the analysis of the specific characteristics of the judicial system in question, since the European judicial systems come in so many variants.

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May 26, 2023
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