Efficient allocation of resources

Allocation of resources (staff and money) is essential not only to the efficiency but also to the fairness of public sector services.

Measurement of performance

What gets measured gets done. Or does it?

Flawless Consulting

Consulting is about objectively analyzing an organzation and implementing lasting change. In the best cases, the consultant teaches a client to solve future problems independently through a deeper understanding of the organization’s work and managerial roles


Benchmarking is a managerial tool that improves performance by identifying and applying best documented practices. Modern benchmarking builds on comprehensive analysis of multiple-input, multiple-output relations estimated from actual practices.

Justice sector

Well-functioning judicial systems are the backbone of prospering economies. There is substantial theoretical and empirical support for the claim that court performance has a crucial overall impact on society.

Educational sector

Improving student’s skills has the potential to bring immense value to societies.

Local governments

In many countries, local governments provide an increasing share of the welfare services citizens receive. For this reason, the quality and the efficiency of local government services is very important.

Predictive Analytics

Make better decisions by utilizing your big data.

Interactive Data visualization

Visualize your data to increase impact and understanding.

Data quality

Data is everything! Poor data quality can have a very negative impcact on your organization.