Performance management

Successful performance measurement requires a lot of effort. It is crucial, of course, to choose the right indicators, but it is also almost always also necessary to clean messy data and to analyze the data thoroughly. Most importantly, the indicators need to be presented and applied in the most effective way. I have a wealth of experience helping organizations through all those phases.

Smart case weighting

Any serious assessment of judicial performance - whether at court or individual level - requires some sort of case weighting. Unfortunately, the traditional approach to case weighting is very time-consuming. In addition the adopted weights need to be updated and reassessed frequently.

As a faster, more cost-effective and more robust alternative, I have developed a methodology for “smart case weighting”. See here for a brief explainer.

Together with professor Peter Bogetoft from Copenhagen Business School, I have also published a more technical academic article on smart case weighting in the scientific journal Omega.

Interactive web applications

I provide interactive web-applications designed to support data-driven judicial management. In several cases I have cooperated with East-West Manage Institute (EWMI) to develop data-driven sulotions. See more here.

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January 1, 0001
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